You’re missing out!

IMG_2937If you haven’t tried our moisturizer and olive oil soap, I really think you’re missing out.  I know that sounds a bit strong, but I really do think that!

Before we started making our own moisturizer, we looked high and low for a moisturizer that moisturized dry skin without being overly fragrant and without breaking the bank!  We just couldn’t find one that measured up.  We make ours from a paraben-free lotion base (we’ll be happy to send the full ingredient list to anyone who asks for it) with vitamin E oil and Beeyoutiful’s Almond Essential Oil added.  It’s basically unscented which makes it very popular with the guys and with anyone who’s sensitive to strong smells.  And it works!  It truly does moisturize even very dry skin.

And the soap!  It’s Pure Olive Oil Soap.  That’s all.  Just olive oil and natural glycerin.  It, too, is basically unscented, and it cleans without leaving any oil residue and without over-drying the skin.  This is my face bar and my body bar, and it’s also our family hand soap.  At $4 per bar (or $10 for 3 bars), you won’t find a comparable olive oil bar at such a good price.

We combine this awesome moisturizer with this pure soap into one beautiful gift set in a golden organza bag and make it available for only $10.  Don’t you know someone whose face would light up at the sight of one of these?

IMG_2932IMG_2933Have you bought your thank-you gifts for teachers yet?  Do you need something special to show appreciation to an employee, co-worker or customer?  Here’s your answer!

And don’t forget Mother’s Day!  If you’re in the Helena area, it’s not too late.  Call or email to arrange for pick-up or delivery.  We can’t guarantee delivery by Mother’s Day if you order online, but we can try!  We’ll ship your gifts sets the same day your order is placed.  Click on any of the pics in this post to order yours today!


Don’t miss out!  Visit and purchase yours today!

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