Cranberry Benefits

“If there were a religion for cranberry juice drinkers, my mother would join it.”  So begins an article by Nancy Webster in Beeyoutiful’s 2008 Spring catalog.   She goes on to say that health experts have affirmed her mother’s conviction that cranberry juice keeps bladder infection flare-ups from being as bad or as frequent as they otherwise would be.  (You can read the rest of Nancy’s “Cranberry Benefits” article here.)

If you’re not crazy about the bitter taste of cranberry juice, there is an alternative.  CranberryPowerCleanseBeeyoutiful’s Cranberry Power Cleanse.   Three capsules per day (two in the morning and one in the evening or vice versa) provide the same protection two glasses of cranberry juice but without the bitter taste.  Cranberry Power Cleanse also contains the herb uva ursi, long used for its healing powers over UTIs, cystitis, and kidney stones.  The primary compound in uva ursi is arbutin, which the stomach absorbs and converts into a substance with disinfectant, antimicrobial, and astringent properties.  Arbutin fights infection, soothes irritation, and reduces inflammation.

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