Getting Started with Essential Oils

almond oil (web)

It seems everyone is either using essential oils or selling them or both.  There are so many oils and so many possible applications, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices!

If you’re just getting started, consider Beeyoutiful Almond Oil.  This natural oil, 100% Pure & Natural prunus amygdalus dulcis, is extracted from almonds and is a great carrier oil.

Almond oil can also be used directly on the skin as a moisturizer or a massage oil.  Many essential oils can cause irritation if used directly on the skin.  They can be used safely when added to a carrier or base oil, such as almond oil.

Many of our favorite essential oil recipes use almond oil as the carrier oil.  Here’s my personal favorite.  This is our family’s fever treatment now–so much safer than over-the-counter medications!

Fever Relief
Add 3 drops of lemongrass oil to 1 tsp. of almond oil.
Apply to temples, wrists, bottoms of feet.

While you’re on your way to adding to your supply of essential oils, you can use almond oil directly on the skin as a moisturizer or a massage oil.  It is a great cuticle repairer, and it can also be used to remove make-up from skin.

lavender oil

Once you’ve begun with almond, add another great oil–lavender!

Lavender is a great massage oil.  Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties help to relax and relieve sore, tense muscles.  Massage several drops of lavender oil into your feet.  You can also mix a few drops of lavender with almond oil for an overall body massage.

For a soothing soak, combine 4-5 drops of lavender oil with a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil and add to a warm bath.

Suffering from insomnia?  A couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow will often bring on a restful sleep.  You might also use lavender oil in a diffuser beside your bed.

Lavender also has anti-fungal properties.  Apply a few drops to toenail fungus or athlete’s foot once or twice daily.  Within days, the lavender begins to break down the cell wall of the fungus and prevents new growth.  If the skin becomes dry from this treatment, add a few drops of almond oil to moisturize.

Lavender promotes quick regeneration of skin cells, so burns and wounds heal more rapidly when treated with lavender oil.

For regular use, even when you have no physical or emotional complaints, use lavender oil as a perfume by dabbing it on your pulse points.  This is far preferable to synthetic fragrances which can soak in and harm your body.

Beeyoutiful’s pure lavender essential oil is steam-distilled from the lavender plant.  Although it is considered safe to use internally as well as undiluted on skin and in bath water, it’s always best to test for skin allergy or sensitivity first.  Apply a drop diluted with a bit of almond oil to the inside of your elbow.  If there is no reaction after 10 minutes, you are probably not hypersensitive to lavender.

Almond and lavender are a good combination for getting started, but we’ve only scratched the surface!  Click here to learn more about Beeyoutiful essential oils and to start building your own collection!

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