Pure Olive Oil Soap

Smith Family Resources Pure Olive Oil Soap

“I LOVE SFR’s Pure Olive Oil Soap.  I haven’t been using any kind of soap on my face because of my eczema and rosacea.  I liked the way the soap made my skin feel and look so I decided to try it on my face.  It worked wonderful!!!  I have VERY dry skin and all soaps have left my skin with the white scaly stuff on top of it.  Not with this soap.  My skin is so smooth and my eczema hasn’t acted up.  I would highly recommend the olive oil soap especially if you have dry skin.” – SFR customer, Facebook review

But you don’t have dry skin, you say?  If you think you can’t use olive oil soap on oily skin, think again!  Our Pure Olive Oil Soap moisturizes without leaving the skin feeling oily.  We even recommend this soap for the treatment and prevention of acne.

Here’s a risk-free way to find out for yourself:  Email us and let us know that you have oily skin and you want to put the Pure Olive Oil Soap on trial.  Place your order.  Use the soap daily for 1 week.  If you aren’t convinced that the soap cleanses without making your skin more oily, let us know and you’ll receive a full refund.

This is our family’s bath bar, hand soap, and facial bar.  I personally like it better than any other soap I’ve ever used.  Why not try it for yourself?  Purchase one 4-ounce bar for $4 or three bars for $10.  It’s a small investment for a big return:  clean skin without oily residue.

Click here to purchase Pure Olive Oil Soap.

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