The statements in this blog post have nothing to do with any product that will ever be evaluated by the FDA, unless the FDA ever starts evaluating postcards!  The postcards featured on this post could never be mistaken for anything that could  diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  They could, however, make you smile, teach you something, and possibly brighten your day!

In 2013, we launched a postcard exchange on our blog and received 33 postcards from 22 different states.  We also joined Postcrossing in 2013 and have received more than 200 postcards from more than 25 different countries.  It has been an educational blast!

Postcrossing GermanyHere’s a smile we received from Germany!

And then there’s this educational card from the Springville, Utah.  Who knew??

Postcrossing fun facts

In case you’re wondering, there is absolutely no reason for this post except to (hopefully!) brighten your day!

You can browse our collection of postcards at

Postcrossing snip




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