Smith Family Resources is moving!  moving

We aren’t going far- just from one house to another in our home sweet Helena.  Our online store will be open throughout the move, the post office box address and phone number will stay the same, and the email address will not change.  We’re not even going to put the business on hold for the move.

But we do expect to be at least somewhat slowed down, especially as we approach the end of July.  If you’ve been intending to place an order, do it now while we’re still in the early stages of packing up!

To thank you for doing your shopping NOW, we’re offering a discount on every order you place this week!

Shop our online store and use coupon code SAVE100 on orders of any amount.  Mention this blog post when you place an order by phone or email.  Any way you shop, you’ll receive a 10% discount on every order of any amount through Friday, July 8!

Thank you for shopping Smith Family Resources!

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