Essential Oils To Go!

Take your essential oils with you wherever you go this summer!

This portable Traveler Diffuser works in any standard 12V cigarette lighter socket. Diffuse your favorite oil for up to 24 hours before changing the pad. Three refill pads are included, and 10-packs of refill pads are available for purchase as well.

Click here to order your Travel Essential Oil Diffuser directly from Diffuser World.

Do you need a diffuser?

Do you need an essential oils diffuser?  We’d like to recommend

Aromis Diffuser

the Aromis Aromatherapy Home Diffuser!

The Aromis Aromatherapy Home Diffuser is a professional-grade cold air nebulizer designed for personal use in the home or spa environment.   The units are made from wood and glass and use only cold air (no heat or water needed) to nebulize essential oils.

Although delicate in structure and very pleasing aesthetically, this beautiful diffuser easily covers a large space well.  Those who have tried it have been pleasantly surprised at its powerful ability to help disperse essential oils throughout the main floor of a house with ease.

With a built-in timer (on 10 minutes/off 10 minutes, and can run for 8 hours), the natural and discreet wooden base houses a sophisticated motor.  Coupled with the blown glass chimney with elegant curves, your oils are diffused without heat, just simple air nebulization.  The glass chimney sits directly on the wooden base, with the glass narrowing to a small point that nestles in snugly for a perfect fit that provides unexpected stability for such a dainty point of connection.

Cleanup is easy.  Simply rinse out the chimney and then diffuse rubbing alcohol for ten seconds to eliminate buildup and clogging of the nebulizing glass filament (the tiny glass flange on the inside of the chimney).  You can also diffuse Lavender Essential Oil between higher viscosity oils to keep thicker buildup from occurring.

The Aromis Diffuser will gracefully compliment the decor of any home where it can be proudly displayed.  Please keep out of the reach of little hands!