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I never realized how difficult it is to get the necessary Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium in food! After a month of keeping a food diary and tracking my nutrients on Cronometer, it has beome apparent that even my healthier diet with 6-9 cups of fruits and vegetables every day is not supplying what I need for bone health.

So, I’m turning to an old supplement friend, Bone Ami. This time, I’m choosing the liquid version which supplies 400 IU of vitamin D, 500 mg of calcium, and 250 mg of magnesium in every dose. The liquid form is more readily absorbed, and, in case you’re wondering, it tastes really good! I still have to make good food choices to reach my target goals for these nutrients, but the goal is now possible, thanks to Bone Ami.

My next bone density scan should happen in October 2018. I lost ground from 2012 to 2014 and barely maintained from 2014 to 2016. I’ve been told that women in my demographic can’t gain bone density, that we just have to work hard to keep from losing. Maybe that’s true- but what if it’s not? I’m giving my bones my best shot. I’m eating well, nourishing them from within, and I’m exercising, strengthening them from without. And now I’m giving them a little extra help from Bone Ami.

So, friends, is it possible? Have any of you actually gained bone density? Have any of your Bone Densitometry reports ever shown improvement? I would love to hear some success stories!

Bone Ami Liquid 2

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Exercise for Strong Bones

Those were the words at the top of the page my friend Kristin sent me.

Exercise for Strong BonesExercise…

Up until this point, my entire exercise life could be summarized in a few words:  housework and an occasional walk.  And, as the technician had said, “Whatever you’ve been doing, it hasn’t been enough.”

So, Kristin came over and helped me get started with an exercise routine.  I began with 6-pound weights, a list of exercises, and Kristin’s encouragement to work out for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds.

I found a free app to help me with the intervals, and I think the fun of that app kept me going those first few days.  I found it at, and it has a great feature called Audio Assist.  I have no idea who these people are, but their encouraging voices tell me when to start and when to rest.  I chose the voice of Elyse Umeda, simply because hers was the most like Kristin’s of all the choices. 🙂  When I get all the way through my workout, that voice says, “Time!  Great job!”  Ah!  Music to my ears and to my tired muscles!!

pushpress app

This is how my routine looks now after working up just a bit.  I work for 40 seconds and rest 20, and my whole workout takes about 27 minutes.  I now work with 8-pound weights for my first cycle and then switch back to the 6-pounders, and I also wear 3-pound ankle weights.

My plan includes three days of this workout, three days of other exercise (once a week it’s 30 minutes of intense housework, sometimes it’s a vigorous walk, and occasionally it’s my regular workout exercises except without the weights), and one day of rest.

I feel my muscles.  I sure hope it’s helping my bones!!


Bone Ami?

When I learned of my osteopenia diagnosis, my first thought was of Beeyoutiful’s Bone Ami.  Bone Ami contains vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, all of which are very important for bone health.  I had a dream of coming back for my next bone density scan and wowing everybody with my bone growth.  Then I would say, “I owe it all to Beeyoutiful and Bone Ami!”That’s not exactly what happened.  I still think Bone Ami is a great product, but it didn’t seem to be the answer for me.  I took it for several months but stopped when it seemed to be aggravating my gall bladder.  I found myself in a catch-22.  The supplements that were good for my bones were bad for my gall bladder.  The diet for prevention of gall stones didn’t include the foods that would help my bones.  What to do??

Well, I went to work on my gall bladder.  Several cleanses later, the gall bladder pain was under control, and I attempted to help my bones with some additional calcium in my meals.  But my diet changes weren’t enough.  When it was time for the next scan, not only had I not experienced any bone growth, I had actually lost!

Sigh.  It wasn’t going to be as simple as taking Bone Ami.  I was going to have to work a little harder…

No Bones About It!

DXA Bone Densitometry ReportDo you know what this is?

This is a DXA Bone Densitometry Report.

To be exact, it’s two of those–one from 2012 and the other from 2014.

In case you can’t read the small print, these reports together say, “Melissa, you have to do something about your bones!!!!”

What they actually say is that from February 2012 until August 2014, I lost bone density and I already didn’t have that much to lose.  The latest report tells me that I’m osteopenic with a T-score of -2.4.  I learned that a normal T-score for my age is -1 or higher.  If someone has osteoporosis, the T-score is -2.5 or lower.  My T-score is awfully close to osteoporosis.

So, I’ve been learning about bones and bone density, and I’ve found out that I have a lot to learn!  Do you have any advice?  Please comment!  I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in the next few days, and I’d be thrilled if you would share, too!