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I never realized how difficult it is to get the necessary Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium in food! After a month of keeping a food diary and tracking my nutrients on Cronometer, it has beome apparent that even my healthier diet with 6-9 cups of fruits and vegetables every day is not supplying what I need for bone health.

So, I’m turning to an old supplement friend, Bone Ami. This time, I’m choosing the liquid version which supplies 400 IU of vitamin D, 500 mg of calcium, and 250 mg of magnesium in every dose. The liquid form is more readily absorbed, and, in case you’re wondering, it tastes really good! I still have to make good food choices to reach my target goals for these nutrients, but the goal is now possible, thanks to Bone Ami.

My next bone density scan should happen in October 2018. I lost ground from 2012 to 2014 and barely maintained from 2014 to 2016. I’ve been told that women in my demographic can’t gain bone density, that we just have to work hard to keep from losing. Maybe that’s true- but what if it’s not? I’m giving my bones my best shot. I’m eating well, nourishing them from within, and I’m exercising, strengthening them from without. And now I’m giving them a little extra help from Bone Ami.

So, friends, is it possible? Have any of you actually gained bone density? Have any of your Bone Densitometry reports ever shown improvement? I would love to hear some success stories!

Bone Ami Liquid 2

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It hasn’t been enough…

After my last bone scan, the technician said to me, “Whatever you’ve been doing, it hasn’t been enough.”

That was sobering.

But when I actually evaluated what I had been doing, it really wasn’t all that much.  I was taking a great multivitamin (SuperMom) and I was attempting to eat healthier, but I really hadn’t added much calcium to my diet, and I still hadn’t learned much at all about the importance of other vitamins and minerals.

So, I started with almond milk.  I bought Silk first, original and unsweetened.  I found the unsweetened to be UN-drinkable.  I wasn’t happy with the amount of sugar in the original, so I was thrilled when I tried Aldi’s Friendly Farms Unsweetened Vanilla AlmondMilk.  It was actually good!  I even prefer it over dairy milk now.

AlmondMilk     AlmondMilk nutrition facts

One cup of AlmondMilk contains 45% of the RDA for Calcium, so this has been an important addition to my diet.

Calcium is only one of the nutrients needed for healthy bones, and I have a lot to learn in this department.  I’ll be blogging more about that soon.

How about you?  What dietary changes have you made for your bones?  Any recommendations?