What I Learned Last Week

This is my cat 48 hours after peppermint oil.img_91121-e1496264279669.jpgI know that essential oils should always be used with care, especially when dealing with children and animals. But in spite of that, I applied a few drops to a tick on his left shoulder and THEN checked my oil books. If I had done my reading FIRST as I should have done, I would have learned that peppermint oil can be toxic to cats and I would have tried a different remedy to get rid of the tick. Thankfully, my kitty was unharmed, but I spent a very uneasy 48 hours, watching for signs of lethargy and loss of appetite. I am happy to report that Mr. Blue is still alive and well! Whew!

And speaking of toxicity, I also learned something interesting about Magic Erasers. I learned that the pad itself is made of melamine, so it is its basic structure that makes it such a great cleaner. It works like a gentle sandpaper on sinks and showers, thoroughly removing soap scum and dirt. There’s no true cleaning agent in the pad, but it does include formaldehyde- an ingredient not noted on the container. The makers of Magic Erasers claim that the small amount of formaldehyde in the pad is not a concern.

Last week, I tried Norwex Micro-Cleaning Hand Pads. The Norwex pads are also made of melamine but have no added formaldehyde. The pad worked the same magic on my bathroom surfaces and even held up better than the Magic Eraser usually does. The Norwex pads are more expensive, but they last longer, so maybe they don’t cost that much more over time. I think I’ll opt for the more expensive pads without toxic residue. By the way, I don’t sell Norwex, and I’m not being paid for this blog post. This is just my unsolicited review of my newest discovery.

So there you have it: two unrelated lessons I learned last week. What are YOU learning?

Guest Post: A Peppermint Oil Story

Giulia Colpo, Guest writer for Smith Family Resources, Peppermint Oil StoryWelcome guest writer Giulia Colpo to the SFR blog!  Giulia is a 16-year-old friend of mine who is not only a writer but also a student of natural health.   She can be found at DiabetesBroughtUsTogether.

Last Thursday, I worked in the yard with my family, building a fire pit.  We spent a good two to three hours outside digging out the ground, making the pit walls straight, hauling bricks, and building up the walls.

The next day, my back was extremely sore.  I pushed through the day (I was just glad that I didn’t have to do anything else strenuous that day), but by the night, I felt too tired and sore to do much more then lie on the couch.  While lying there, I had the thought that a back rub would feel nice, so I asked my mom to give me one.

I was right. It felt really good, especially when she got to the really sore parts.  Then it was her turn to have a good idea.  She came back from the kitchen with a drop of peppermint essential oil in a half teaspoon of Miracle and proceeded to rub it into my back.  It made my back feel spicy but good and relaxed.  It also smelled good!

The next day, my aching was gone, disappearing overnight. From now on, I will use peppermint oil for my aching muscles.

Thanks for sharing your peppermint oil story, Giulia!